Neko Flies | Interactive Teaser Cat Toy


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Fun for you and your cat! Cats are born to be hunters and their passion to chase prey and pounce on them is part of their very essence. Neko flies is a fishing pole style toy you “bait” the end with one of the different cat-approved critters and entice your kitty cat with the bait. Let the games begin! Your cat will never be bored again! She may lose some weight, shell definitely feel younger and best of all, many people report even aging cats playing like the kittens they once were. Many cats show a side of their personality that their people have never seen before.

Comes with a 41″ long string with a swivel clip for easy attachment to the cat wand (see wand selection). Made from durable synthetic materials.

Neko Cat Wand
Our Neko flies long wand with its sleek look and ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. Metal hook at the top for easy attachment to swivel clip. Wand/rod is 21.5″ long.

Caution: Always supervise pet and children while playing. For safety, put away when not in use. Not intended for ingestion. If product separation occurs, take away immediately.

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Neko Selection

Katarantula, Kittenator, Neko Wand

Neko Options

Attachment + Wand, Attachment Only, Wand Only


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