EZ Change ID Clips with Silencers for Personalized ID Tags – Two Pack


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⭐ EZ CHANGE: The EZ CHANGE ID Clip is an essential accessory for any dog or cat; designed to quickly attach to your pet’s collar and is easier to use compared to similar products. The EZ Change ID Clip with Silencer makes updating dog’s identification tags quick and easy. The simple, tangle-free clips can be easily moved from one collar to another when it’s time for a collar update, or time to switch out identification tags with updated information. Clips attach to collar D-ring for quick identification of pet. The silencer helps to minimize noise when multiple tags are on the ID clip.

🐶 The EZ CHANGE Dog ID Clip is ideal for everyday use
🐶 These dog tags are quick and easy to use
🐶 Set of two EZ CHANGE Dog ID Clips
🐶 The EZ CHANGE Dog ID Clip features a tangle-free design which silences multiple tags
🐶 Includes Silencer to reduce tag jingle.
🐶 Built-in clasp eliminates broken nails and pinched fingers, and easily attaches to the collar D-ring.
🐶 Allows you to quickly change tags from collar to collar, or switch out old tags with new info.
🐶 Sturdy design keeps tags secure, and the nickel material will not rust.
🐶 Comes in a set of two so it’s great for multi-dog households or dogs with multiple collars.

UPC: 076484450075
Item Number: 45002 NICDOG

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Coastal Pet and these clips are not hand made, but are to be used as an option with our handmade personalized pet ID tags made at PetProMart. All sales are final and we do not accept returns for this product. We do not accept any liability from the result of using this product.


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