American River Choke-Free Dog Harness Ombre Collection – Raspberry Sundae


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“Ombre” American River Choke-Free Harnesses – Raspberry Sundae.

o Trachea safe – The Choke-Free patented design pulls only from the chest, never the neck. Many smaller breeds are susceptible to having
a collapsed trachea, especially when using a collar. Even regular harnesses can be dangerous for toy and teacup breeds. Don’t put your
pup’s airway at risk with anything but a choke-free harness!
o Patented Conforming Shape Fit Seam Technology – This unique feature allows the harness to conform to curves even on hard-to-fit dog
o Patented Adjustable Closure Slide – Most harnesses have little or no size adjustment at the clasp. This unique design allows the clasp to
slide along the nylon webbing for a full 3 inches of adjustment.
o Double D-ring – Most harnesses have only a single D-ring. Furthermore, some companies use D-rings that aren’t welded shut. The
remaining slit in the metal of sub-par D-rings may open under pressure and the nylon could slip out, leaving your dog at risk for escape.
Since the American River Choke Free Harness features two welded D-rings in its design, you’re getting double the protection.
o Reflective strips – All 31 colors of American River Choke Free Dog Harnesses feature reflective strips that can be viewed from the front
and the sides to provide visibility during nighttime or early-morning walks.

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Please note, our supplier will not exchange or refund for wrong size ordered. Please place your info in the personalization note box and we will make sure you order the correct size the first time. We have provided a graph on how to measure your dog and a size chart in the slideshow of images. If however, your product is damaged, please notify us within 10 days so we can work on getting you a replacement.

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Harness Size / Chest Size

2X-LG / 24"-27", 2X/3X-LG / 27"30", 3X-LG / 30-33", LG / 19"-21", MD / Chest 16"-19", SM / 13"-16", X-LG / 21"-24", X-SM / Chest 11"-13", XX-SM / Chest 9"-11"


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