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Here at PetProMart LLC, we know your furry friends are part of the family. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the latest pet products to keep your four-legged companions looking stylish while also ensuring their safety and comfort. In this blog, we’ll explore some of our bestselling pet apparel and identification tags that pet parents love. 

Dog Identification Collars

First up – fun and fashionable clothes for dogs!

Dogs in Outfits – A Growing Trend

It’s no secret that pet parents enjoy dressing up their dogs. In fact, the trend of dog wear clothes goes back centuries to the early days of domestication. Did you know that ancient Egyptian nobility would adorn their dogs with jeweled collars and costumes? Or that in the Middle Ages, Greyhounds often wore coats to keep warm when hunting? 

Today, dressing dogs in outfits and costumes is still popular. From holidays like Halloween to events and even daily walks, clothing for dogs offers both fashion and function. We carry everything from practical outdoor gear like raincoats to costume onesies for parties. And our wide variety means you can regularly change up your pup’s look!

Clothing Dogs for Fashion and Safety

 Our dog clothes collection includes trendy dresses, preppy sweaters, warm hoodies, rainy-day raincoats, and so much more. With sizes from teacup to giant breed, your dog can strut in style no matter their proportions. Safety is also a top priority in our clothing designs. Reflective accents, adjustable straps, and breathable fabrics keep your pup secure. And touch fasteners instead of buttons mean no choking hazards either.  

Beyond the world of pet fashion, our dog clothes serve functional purposes, too. For elderly dogs or those with joint issues, our therapeutic wraps provide compression and warmth relief. Outdoor adventure dogs will love our hiking jackets and trail boots that protect paws. And our collection of service dog vests and patches helps working dogs stand out.  

Dogs of all ages, breeds, and backgrounds can discover the perfect accessories and outfits!

The Importance of Proper Dog Identification

Now that we’ve covered the fashion side of pet products, let’s talk about an equally important category – proper dog identification. As a responsible pet parent, making sure your dog can be identified if they ever get lost is a must. Identification tags are that first critical line of defense.

Dog With Collar – It’s the Law in Most States

In most states, the law actually mandates that dogs wear a collar or harness with ID tags any time they are out in public. Tags must include your name, address, and phone number at minimum. But, we make adding even more of your dog’s vital information easy. This includes their name, vaccinations, microchip details, medical needs, and more. The more identifiers on your dog identification collar, the better!

Why Dog Collars with Tags Are So Important

Wearing identification may be legally required, but more so it could save your dog’s life! If your pup slips out the door or escapes the backyard, their collar and tags greatly increase the chances of getting back home safely. Animal control and good Samaritans can use the information to contact you right away before your dog ends up lost for good.  

And while microchipping is another great option, tags have the benefit of being immediately visible. Someone who finds your roaming pet can get your details in seconds instead of needing to take them to a vet or shelter to scan for a chip. Time is of the essence when reuniting lost dogs and their families, so tags are vital.

The Best Dog Identification Collar and Tags

We specialize in all kinds of identification tags from the classic dog bone to more unique shapes like fire hydrants and dog houses! Our exclusive custom tags can take your pup’s info to the next level. With so many colors and embellishments to choose from, your dog’s identification collar will look stylish, too. 

For the collars and harnesses themselves, we carry heavy-duty options built to handle even the mightiest pullers. Reflective and bright colors increase visibility, helpful for night walks. Our selection includes waterproof and scratch-proof materials to keep tags safe in any situation. We also have GPS and radio frequency identification (RFID) high-tech collars that provide next-level monitoring and security.

Get Your Dog Looking Fabulous and Staying Safe!  

As you can see, PetProMart LLC has all your pet product needs to be covered – from fashionable dog clothes to functional identification tags and collars. We pride ourselves on offering California pet parents the widest selection of quality, safety-focused accessories. So whether you have a teacup Chihuahua or a 150 lb Mastiff, we have the right size, styles, and options for your fur baby. 

We invite you to explore PetProMart LLC today and discover the perfect products to keep your dog secure while also showing off their unique personality! And don’t forget we carry cat collars, outfits for small pets, and other companion animal essentials, too. Pamper your pet with a visit to PetProMart LLC!

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