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★ Perfect for most standard dogs — Adjustable for a perfect fit. OmniPet Kwik Klip Muzzles are comfortable and won’t pull dog’s hair or pinch skin.

★ Features
• Kwik Klip buckle allows easy placement and removal.
• Reinforced Nylon with strong Nylon thread.
• Adjustable for a perfect fit.
• Machine Washable
• Comfortable, won’t pinch skin or pull hair.

Please remember, the OmniPet® Kwik Klip muzzle is for supervised, short-term use to reduce the risk of bites. A muzzle is to be used with another method of restraint, with the animal handler holding the ultimate responsibility for safe control. With a proper, snug fit, the animal’s ability to pant is reduced, which could compromise the animal’s natural cooling system. Under certain conditions, this could produce a life-threatening situation. Nylon Protective Fashion Designer Dog Muzzle is an excellent choice for dog owners seeking to control dog’s barking, biting or chewing. These muzzles are great for both dog owners and dog trainers.

★ Sizing Chart:

No. Size Circ. of Muzzle Approx. Wt. Dog Breed Examples
0 4.0″ under 8 lbs. Yorkie, Miniature Poodle
1 4.25″ 9-25 lbs. Westie, Terroir
2 6.0″ 25-50 lbs. Beagle, Cocker Spaniel
3 7.0″ 50-80 lbs. German Shepard, Labrador
4 9.0 ” Over 80 lbs. Great Dane, Saint Bernard
4XL 11.25″ Short wide muzzle Rottweiler, Bull Terrier
5 8.5″ Long muzzle Wolfhound
5XL 10.0″ Long wide muzzle X-Large Dog

★ Important Shop Notes:

Weight is only a rough guideline as dogs come in many different sizes and shapes.
Diameter is around the bridge of nose or snout circumference (Inches).
For accurate sizing, you must measure your dog’s snout.
You must contact the seller for return authorization or the package will be refused and sent back.

This product is designed and distributed by Leather Brothers. PetProMart is an approved retail seller. We offer an assortment of products, not specifically made by PetProMart in order to compliment our custom made product lines.

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#0 – Muzzle, 4 inches, #1 – Muzzle, 4.25 inches, #2 – Muzzle, 6 inches, #3 – Muzzle, 7 inches, #4 – Muzzle, 9 inches, #4XL – Muzzle, 11.25 inches, #5 – Muzzle, 8.6 inches, #5XL – Muzzle, 10 inches


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