Gentle Pet Anti-Bark Ultrasonic Trainer | Hand Held Remote Control or Waterproof Training Collar



Pet Gentle Remote Trainer:
This amazing dog training technology will make it incredibly easy for you to get your pet to stop excessive barking, digging, biting on furniture and almost any other behavior you can think of. It emits a high-frequency sound that will instantly grab your dogs attention (without hurting them) that will get them to stop what they’re doing. All you have to do is use the Pet Gentle when they’re being bad and when they stop the bad behavior, give them a treat after. It’s that easy

Pet Life Dog Collar:
The Pet Life Anti-Bark Dog Collar is Water Resistant and Utilizes a specific Ultra-Sonic Frequency Vibration that Safely Reduces or Completely Eliminates Dog Barking. This Anti-Bark Collar also has an Audible Setting that can be turned On/Off that further helps Decrease Barking. The Collar is also Adjustable and suitable for All Dog Neck Diameter Sizes. This Ant-Bark Collar is an appropriate Safe and Healthy Alternative to training your dog.

Please note that dog’s learn by repetition. Please give your device use 10-14 days (in most cases) before your pet begins to learn from the use of this device. With all training, it takes the pet owners consistent use and interaction with your pet. In conjunction of use with device, please reward your dog for good behavior. By doing so, your pet will learn twice as fast. You can give hand signals with use of this device. In time, your dog will respond by hand signals and may no longer need the use of the device. Good luck with training your pet. If there are any problems with the device, please contact us for a resolution. We are here to help!

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Anti-Bark Device Type

Hand Held Remote, Training Collar


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