Custom Personalized BioThane® Collars and Leashes (Optional Set) with Marine Grade Hardware | Water Proof Collars and Leads

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About Our Collars
Our collars are uniquely hand made using Beta 520 Standard BioThane® Beta is a soft coating that has the look and feel of leather. It has a low gloss or dull appearance. It is soft and very flexible. The leather embossing gives it the leather look. It will hold its flexibility in very cold weather. It is a safe vegan material alternative to leather which is waterproof, stink-proof, highly-durable, soft to the touch, and features a variety of color choices! Best of all, a quick rinse under water is all it takes to get your collar looking new again. We offer two choices of hardware; black and silver metal hardware that is rust-resistant and highly durable.* Made with the same hard Nickle plating as marine equipment which is highly resistant to corrosion. We can add an optional rivet on pet ID tag in your choice of color. We also offer custom sizes of collars or leashes (typically at no extra charge, although with longer leashes, there may be an additional charge).

*Note: with most metals (including marine gear), it is highly recommended to fully rinse the collar hardware with fresh water after it has been exposed to salt water. This will prevent pitting of the Nickle plating and eventual corrosion.

Note: Please see our return policy at the bottom of the page.

How to order:

NOTE: If you want only a lead / leash and no collar, select “Lead” option and please disregard the “size” in the option with color. You need to select the “Set” option to get both collar and leash.

1) Options: Collar Size | Collar Color | Hardware Color
Use the first drop-down menu to select Collar Size, Collar Color and Hardware Color.
For example, if you want a large orange collar with silver hardware, you would select: LG | Orange | Silver

2) Purchase Options (Collar, Lead, Set, ID Tag)
Use the second drop-down menu to select what you want to buy. For example, if you only want a collar, choose “3/4″ Collar” or “1” Collar.” If you want a set (Collar & Leash Set) and an ID tag, select “3/4″ Set + ID Tag” or “1” Set + ID Tag.” If you only want a leash, you would select 3/4″ x 4ft Lead or 1″ x 4ft Lead. Alternately, you could choose a 6ft lead instead.

3) ID Tag Personalization:
Click on the arrow next to “Add Your Personalization (Optional)”
Follow instructions based on the number of lines you want engraved. For example, If you only want 1 line, the font size gets really large and it will only hold up to 6 characters. The less lines you use the larger the font size, thus less characters will fit. Please note that the box you enter information in does not count the characters for you–you must count the characters (including spaces and punctuation) to make sure you do not exceed limitations.

4) Add Rivet Tag Color and Font Style
You can use the personalization box or add a note to the seller to provide tag color and font style.

5) Select Quantity and Add to Cart
Add Quantity and then click on the “Add to Cart Button.” If you are ordering more than a quantity of one with different options, add your first order to the cart and then return to the ordering page to order your second item. Once finished, you can check out everything at the same time.

6) Special Instructions:
Add any special instructions in the buyers note to seller during checkout. If you forgot to add the note, you can go to your purchase history, find your order and add the note this way instead.

Standard Collar Sizes:
Small (SM): 3/4″W* x 13-16″L
Medium (MD): 3/4″W* x 16-20″L
Large (LG): 1″W* x 17-22″L
Custom sizes available: Any size not listed (width remains 3/4″ or 1″). Select the closest size using drop-down menu and then leave a note to seller at checkout with your size specifications. For example, you measure your pet’s neck at 10.” plus you must add 2 fingers to the measurement to assure the collar is not too tight (approximately 1.25 to 1.5 inches); therefore, if you measured 10,” your pups collar size will be 12.25 to 12.5 inches. The closest size is small (13-16″L). In this case we would add extra holes to assure the small collar will fit. In some cases, we may shorten or lengthen the collar length to assure a good fit.

*Width will be based on the options selected

Lead / Leash Sizes:
3/4 Inch wide x 4 ft Length
3/4 Inch wide x 6 ft Length
1 inch wide x 4 ft Length
1 inch wide x 6 ft Length
Custom sizes available: Any size not listed (width remains 3/4″ or 1″). Select the closest size using drop-down menu and then leave a note to seller at checkout with your size specifications. Additional charge for length in excess of 6 feet.
Optional D-Ring on Leash – Must specify in note to seller or in personalization box.

Tag & Rivet Size:
• Tag – 3/4 inches x 2 inches
• Rivets – 7mm x 7mm
• Material: Premium Anodized Aluminum
• Style: Collar Rivet Tag

Engraving Information:

1 Line used = 6 characters
2 lines = 12 characters per line
3 Lines = 16 characters per line
4 lines = 18 characters per line
1st Line Larger Font = 7 characters on 1st line & 17 characters on Lines 2 & 3
Note: Spaces & punctuation count as characters

Font Size & Style:
There is no set font size. Font size automatically adjusts based on number characters and lines used. Remember, the least the characters and lines, the larger the font size. We provide 6 of our most popular font selections as an option (See Photo of Fonts). Please provide the special font you desire. Modern, Roman and Bold look best. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Our engraving machine can engrave the following characters:
Letters A – Z (Caps Only)
Numbers 0 – 9
Special Characters / ? . ” , ‘ : ; ! @ # $ % & * – + = < >
Note: Spaces count as characters. Unable to use the underline character.
Read Important information below regarding, “What contact info should I put on my Dog Tags?” And “How to Install the Rivet Tag on a Leather Collar or Nylon Collar”

Engraving Limitations:
Cannot engrave the underscore character
lower case engraving not available
Only Bold, Normal, and Roman uses the above special characters. Other font styles may be limited to which characters may work. For example, with modern font, the “!” character does not work.

Return policy:
This is considered a custom product; therefore, we do not allow returns for wrong size ordered, or if you changed your mind. We recommend you measure your pups neck size and double check it to be sure. If there is damage or a defect, we will consider returns on a case by case basis. If we made a mistake on the ID tag, you must notify us within 21 days, so we can arrange for you to return the collar in which we will remove the tag and replace it with a corrected tag.

Additional information

Purchase Options

1" Collar, 1" Collar + ID Tag, 1" x 4 ft Lead, 1" x 4 ft Set, 1" x 6 ft Lead, 1" x 6 ft Set, 1"x4ft Set + ID Tag, 1"x6ft Set + ID Tag, 3/4" Collar, 3/4" Collar + ID Tag, 3/4" x 4 ft Set, 3/4" x 4ft Lead, 3/4" x 6 ft Lead, 3/4" x 6 ft Set, 3/4x4ft Set + ID Tag, 3/4x6ft Set + ID Tag


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